Heartburn Relief

Heartburn relief – Don’t Let Heartburn control Your existence

A burning sensation in your throat and chest coupled with a slight hiccup is a sign you are getting heartburn. It could’ve been as a result of the food you ate, most especially fatty, spicy or acidic food. It is also often caused by gastro esophageal reflux disease, which is, of course, a chronic condition. The question now is what you can do when you get this upset and discomfort stomach?

  1. Loosen up

Most often heartburn happens because the stomach contents go back into the esophagus, the stomach contents being acidic in nature burns the tissues. You can be a victim of heartburn as a result of tight clothing binding your belly. If this happens, the first thing is to loosen up your tight clothing, or belt, or whatever is holding you too tight.

  1. Straighten up

One’s posture can contribute to heartburn, sitting or lying down ads up to heartburn.  Betsy Polatin, a movement specialist who works with a performer, says “One’s internal organs are compressed once slumped down, and the most efficient solution would be to lengthen and widen your spine and torso, as your head approaches the ceiling.”

  1. Horizontal help

Taking care of someone who is confined to bed and experiencing heartburn requires one raising their upper body. Lifting the head up is not enough. It is advisable to elevate them from the waist. An adjustable bed that can be increased to a suitable angle has been fabricated to suit this purpose.

  1. Head to the pantry

The remedy to heartburn might as well lie in your kitchen. Baking soda helps relief heartburn as it neutralizes the stomach acid. A teaspoon of baking soda, when dissolved in a glass of water, helps slow down heartburn.

  1. Chewing gum

Chewing gum also helps in neutralizing acid. Dr. Iqbal who is the medical director of Memorial care digestive care center in Fountain Valley; California said gum increases saliva thereby diluting and washing away built up acid in the guts and also recommends it.

  1. Do not smoke

I hope you are aware you shouldn’t be smoking as smoking contributes a lot to heartburn. If you experience heartburn as a smoker, please do not smoke. It definitely will not make less uncomfortable; it’s only going to make the feeling get worse.

  1. There are numerous heartburn remedies you can reach for at any store or pharmacy. These medicines comprise of protein pump inhibitors (PPIs), H2 blockers and antacids. PPIs stops acid production. H2 blockers will reduce the amount of acid your stomach produces. Antacids neutralize stomach acids

Axia3 works fast and right for natural heartburn relief

This article is about an antacid which is used for natural heartburn relief. Heartburn, which is also known as acid indigestion, a kind of burning sensation rising in the middle of your chest or in the middle of your upper abdomen. Moreover, it may rise as pain generally in your middle chest, and it can ultimately flush to your angle of the jaw, throat, or neck. Axia3® works accurately for natural heartburn relief.

It is generally considered that heartburn causes due to regurgitation of gastric acid, it is called gastric reflux into the esophagus. If someone suffers from heartburn, we can say that the man is having trouble from gastro esophageal reflux diseases (GERD). It is generally seen that in 0.6% of cases, this is a symptom of ischemic heart diseases. Heartburn is not an uncommon to people – most of the people have this unpleasant situation. Though people may have this unpleasant fact, they can’t guess the reality of what is the reason of its happening. Heartburn normally rises if your stomach acid gets back up to the esophagus. When this situation arises, you may feel as if someone had lit a small balefire in the chest, which starts burning up to the neck of any sufferer like you.

Oxendine LLC, an USA based company, understanding the real fact of that heartburn, is intrinsically linked to the human digestive system, they devised a product solution that not only quickly and effectively works for natural heartburn relief, but more importantly, promotes on-going digestive health benefits through the use of natural ProDigestive™ enzymes that are essential to proper digestion and good long-term health. Being the most effective antacid, it was named Axia3® to represent consumer value (axia is greek for value) through the three distinct (hence the 3) benefits; Fast Heartburn Relief, ProDigestive™ Enzymes and minty fresh breath.

Axia3 works as natural heartburn relief.
It is proved that Axia3® ProDigestive™ Antacid is a new products which works fast and right for natural Heartburn Relief. It is the best suited medication used for healing digestive problems effectively. You know that your body naturally produces digestive enzymes such as a-amylase and pepsin that are activated by gastric acid, in order to let your body digest food and nutrients. Traditional products, common antacid, neutralize heartburn by lowering the level of acid in the stomach, which renders your digestive enzymes ineffective.
Axia3® ProDigestive™ Antacid is specially formulated to relieve occasional heartburn while delivering ProDigestive™ enzymes to your digestive system which continue working to break down food and absorb nutrients that your body needs to stay healthy.

How does Axia3 Relieves Heartburn?
Axia3® delivers a dual Calcium Carbonate plus Sodium Bicarbonate combination upon contact with the esophagus used for natural heartburn relief.

Sodium Bicarbonate = Fast-acting relief
Calcium Carbonate = Long-lasting relief

Calcium Carbonate is a white insoluble solid occurring naturally, which is used as both a calcium supplement and an antacid. As Axia3® ProDigestive™ Antacid contains Calcium Carbonate, it helps you naturally relieve the heartburn.

The dietary bicarbonate is provided by Sodium bicarbonate (baking soda) in your body. It can increase serum levels of bicarbonate (normally produced by the kidneys) and subsequently buffer acid production in the body. The main functionality of sodium bicarbonate is in negating the effects of acidosis. It provides benefits both in situations of chronic mild acidosis. As Axia3® ProDigestive™ Antacid contains, the combination of these two substances help to heal naturally heartburn, the acid indigestion.

Now you understand how Axia3® works in your body for natural heartburn relief. You can learn more about Axia3 visiting its site where everything has been provided for natural Heartburn Relief

Why Millions of People Suffer From Heartburn

Millions of people suffer from heartburn and don’t know what to do and how to solve this situation. We are here to help you in answering these questions! First of all, we should clarify what is heartburn and reasons which cause it. Then we will find out some ways how to treat and cure it.

What is heartburn?

If you have the feeling of a slight hiccup and then a burning sensation in the chest and throat, then, unfortunately, you have heartburn. All these feelings are terrible and very unpleasant for all people. I should remind you that millions of people each day experience all these feelings. Now let’s find out the main reason that  can cause heartburn and all results of it. First of all, wrong food cause heartburn. Usually, after yummy dinner you can feel that something wrong is happening, you feel an awful discomfort and don’t know what to do with it. Some people take pills that eliminate symptoms but it isn’t a solution at all. Also, there is some advice which tells you not to wear tight clothes, not to smoke and practice some comfortable postures.

Why heartburn appears?

First of all, acid reflux causes heartburn Acid occurs when the ring of muscle that allows food into your stomach relaxes when it shouldn’t . The sensation of heartburn is caused by acid which goes back up your esophagus. Can you imagine, acid is burning your throat and makes you suffer!

I hope now you understand how serious this problem is! And now you are ready to take active actions! Emergency help for you will be a special diet. You should follow strict rules to overcome this disease. You should have a special menu that won’t let you eat some products.

List of products for everyday use:

1)    Melon. There a re various types of dishes where the main ingredient is melon. You can be sure that it is really perfect for acid reflux.

2)    Fennel. This incredibly useful vegetable with a unique taste you should add in salads, use in soups or use in any other dishes.

3)    Chicken or turkey. These dishes are very popular when people are on a diet. But there are some useful tips which you should remember. First of all, you should remove skin and only then begin cooking! By the way, you can choose different types of cooking. You can choose to boil, grilling or backing ways of cooking chicken or turkey.