Safety advocates and Texas officials are trying ti implement new ways to teach teens and dangers involved with teenage drunk driving. In 2009 alone over 185 individuals under the age of 21 were drunk behind the wheel, or in the car with a drunk driver. Being a teenager and needing a Houston drunk driver injury attorney can snuff out a bright future and possibly be very costly.

With an already high drunk driving relation to fatalities in Texas, those under 21 have 2.3 alcohol related driving fatalities per 1000,000 people. Publicly funded programs providing under age individuals with more information in regards alcohol and how it influences automobile incidents is extremely vital. To that end, there are several groups and DUI awareness programs that have been created in the area. The Houston-Galveston Area council recently partnered with Houston Police to create and produce a docu-style film featuring young adults relaying stores of those affected by drunk driving locally. The feature was completely created by 13 teenagers who also conducted interviews with victims.

Even though teenage deaths had fallen between 1999 and 2009, drunk driving in some form or another is still a factor in over 35 percent of deaths involving young adults with age ranges of 16 through 20. It is highly recommended that parents take a role in speaking to their children about the importance of driving sober and if it hasn’t been done already, introducing the concept of designated drivers. With the emergence of companies like Uber and Lyft, coupled with the widespread access of smartphones and access to the internet; young adults now more than ever have the tools needed to stay safe and avoid dangerous accidents, situations, or a need for a Houston drunk driver injury attorney. With the message created by Houston teens being spread throughout the communities, “don’t drink and drive”; although simple, it is still powerful.